The “Photo Fair”, will be held in Station on November 25 & 26, 2023, where about thirty photographers will be invited to exhibit a selection of their works and their books.

It will be an unprecedented occasion to come meet the artists, support them, and purchase one or more shots. A percentage of the sales will be returned to the BCP and SOURA to ensure the continuation of their work in support of Lebanese photography.


Pierre Aboujaoudé

Joanna Andraos

Vladimir Antaki

Elie Bekhazi

Yara Bsaibes

Digital Fountain

Chantale Fahmi


Marie Noëlle Fattal

Omar Gabriel

Cynthia Ghoussoub

Paul Gorra

Elsie Haddad

Yasmina Hilal

Diego Ibarra Sanchez

Mayssa Khoury

Emilie Madi

Gaby Maamari

Laura Menassa

Vicky Mokbel

Ieva Saudargaité

Nasri Sayegh

Joao Sousa

Agnese Stracquadanio

Thierry Van Biesen

Carmen Yahchouchi

Florient Zwein

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