The physical world and other natural realms possess mysterious and spiritual elements that hold the key to our existence. Mutually interdependent, they are essen$al for the survival of humans, animals, plants, trees, oceans, the sun, the moon, the stars, and everything in between. These details, the kind that might go unno$ced, shape the way we interact with ourselves and the environment around us.

Highligh$ng the connec$ons between our physical body, nature, and the cosmos, my photographs explore the experience of true solitude when in deep communion with nature. The visual language of s$llness and contempla$on evolves into the very act of medita$on, a prac$ce that improves our physical, mental, emo$onal, and spiritual well-being. The seemingly quiet landscape becomes the healer, oGen bringing about an animis$c understanding of the in$mate system that keeps us alive.

Spending $me photographing nature helps me process my existence in the world. An extension of my mind’s eye, it is a visual gateway through which I beJer understand myself and the world surrounding me. Curious about the human condi$on, my prac$ce is versa$le and echoes themes related to the self, memory, and iden$ty. My name is Cynthia Ghoussoub. I am a Lebanese photographer and storyteller currently based in Sierra Leone.