Established in 2016, The Beirut Center of Photography – BCP is a non-profit organization dedicated to photography and visual culture based in Beirut.

We organize exhibitions, workshops, debates, and educational programs. Our goal is to position the Middle East and North Africa on the photography world map.

We will also focus on youth and low-income families, and community outreach.

BCP was founded by Patrick Baz, Michel Zoghzoghi, Said Francis and Serge Akl.


Dedicated to photographers and visual storytellers from around the MENA region, the BCP offers offer a forum for dialogue about the role that photography should play in our culture through our exhibitions, teaching, workshops, consultancy and public programs.


Patrick Baz

Founder and executive director

Patrick Baz started working as a photojournalist in Lebanon in 1982. He spent most of  his carrier building and developing a network of photographers in the MENA region for AFP. In 2017, in a give-back approach he co-founded the Beirut Center of Photography, dedicated to promoting quality photography in Lebanon.

Chantal Fahmi


Chantale Fahmi is a Lebanese photographer & Masters student in Art Criticism & Curatorial Studies at Université Saint Joseph (Beirut). Her work documents social relations in specific sectors of society; Photography is thus the trigger for unique encounters and exchange, which enables her to capture “the details of a life reflected in one shot, telling the story of a place, individual or a community”. 


Ammar Abd Rabbo
Serge Akl
Elie Bekhazi
Marine Bougaran
Jack Dabbaghian 
Gaby Maamari 
Aline Manoukian 
Thierry Van Biesen
Nayla Yared
Michel Zoghzoghi