Born in 1982, Elsie Haddad is a documentary photographer based in Beirut. She also leads workshops in several regions of Lebanon, introducing children to photography.

In 2013, her project ‘Entr’actes’ was exhibited during On Fleeting Grounds, a group show at Janine Rubeiz Gallery, and later was published in the book collection Fugacité by PlanBey. In 2015, her project ‘Bogota’ was exhibited in Berlin and Beirut before winning the Photomed Festival Portfolio Award. Her series ‘The Sand Along The Way’ was also exhibited in Berlin, Jordan and Lebanon. Subsequently, she received a grant from ADPP for her project ‘Stranded – On Life After Imprisonment’ which was finally exhibited in 2018 during the Nehna, wel Amar, Wel Jiran festival in Hammana. In 2016, she received the Boghossian Award for her body of work.

Since 2019, Elsie is part of Collectif 1200, a collective of 11 Lebanese photographers, working on topics related to Lebanon and the current situation. Together they showed their work in FAB (Festival des Arts de Bordeaux) in 2021 and Casa Arabe during Photo España 2022.

Elsie’s work revolves around transition and change, as well as around places that hold memories and been witness to different eras and events. She is interested in people and their stories, and looks for ways of sharing it. She likes to push the boundaries of the genre sometimes bringing her own fiction to the story.