Florient Zwein​


Florient Zwein is a French-Lebanese photographer based in Lebanon since August 2020. After the explosion of Beirut port, he decided to come as a volunteer to help the people in need and finally decided to settle in Lebanon as a photojournalist to report about the current situation that was facing the country. In June 2021, he published his first photo book « Beirut, from ashes to anger, a story of Lebanon ». A book made during the two months following the Beirut port explosion.

Born and raised in France, passionate about travels and photography since his 20’s, he spent almost 3 years travelling around the world and went to more than 40 countries so far. In November 2021, he went to Afghanistan to cover the 100 days of the return to power of the Talibans. Mainly interested in human cultures and social crises, he always put the human and its environment at the center of his photographs.