ieva saudargaite douaihi

Ieva Saudargaitė Douaihi

Ieva Saudargaitė Douaihi is a Lithuanian-Lebanese artist based in Beirut. After finishing architecture school, she pursued a career in architectural photography, working with renowned national and regional architecture firms and international publications. Her photographs depict Lebanon’s built environment, with sharp attention to local culture, history, politics, socioeconomic factors and environmental issues. Assertive, sensitive and sometimes ironic, her projects confront us with an often hidden reality of daily life in Lebanon. In 2021, she received the Boghossian Foundation Award for photography and the ADPP mentorship award. She is the founder of Takeover, a project space in Beirut, and of Digital Fountain, a platform for Lebanese photography. She is also a member of the Lebanese photography collective Collectif ١٢٠٠