Anthony Saroufim

DIP, 2022, 70 cm x 50 cm
Ed of 10 + 2 AP, © of the artist

Les Indisciplinés by Anthony Saroufim

Anthony Saroufim (b.1990) is a Lebanese photographer based in Beirut, Lebanon. He graduated from the École Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris in 2015 with a masters degree in Architecture. His artistic journey holds a profound commitment to preserving memories, identities, and stories through the captivating fusion of architecture and photography.
Saroufim explores the traditional charm of analog photography in an increasingly digital era. In his ongoing project “Les Indisciplinés,” (2019-present) Saroufim immerses himself in the nocturnal wilderness, boldly unveiling the essence of the night and documenting unfiltered scenes from Beirut’s underground nightlife. “Les Indisciplinés” aims to empower the human body and spirit, celebrating spontaneous moments and the unapologetic beauty of the night. It transcends mere documentation, offering an immersive experience that challenges perceptions and revels in nocturnal energy.