Belgo-Lebanese fashion, advertising, portrait photographer for more than 30 years and chocolate anonymous member since way before that. He never shot ads for chocolate, but for watches, perfume, cars, fashion and fashion accessories, and consumer goods. Sony, Fiat, Neiman Marcus, Macys, Kate Spade, Seiko,, Issey Miyake, Old Navy, Société Générale, Club Méditerranée, Parfums Castelbajac, Huit lingerie.
Corporate experience: a lot of portraits, people that are more or less well built and buildings with or without people. Ah yes, and a grandfather who was a a bank manager, does that count?
In 2020, he cofounded Les Corpographes, a duo of photographers specializing in corporate photography.
His current practices include absurd puns, jogging, cooking with olive oil and orange blossom water. He speak French, English, Arabic, and can mix and remix the three, but only in the presence of other Lebanese.

Believe it or not: he was a math teacher in the 20th century.