Kick in the water, Ramlet El Baida Beirut, © of the artist


Born in Beirut Lebanon, Pierre has lived mostly in Paris and went to college in the USA where he graduated from the New York University film school in film and television. He’s filmed documentaries for TV channels such as ARTE, France24 and Al-Jazeera. He’s also made commercials for VICE, Cadillac, Ferrero, shot films for NGO’s and directed an award winning short film starring French film star Michel Galabru. In parallel to his directing career, Pierre has always taken photographs, his documentary work influencing his approach to photography: seeing the moment before it happens, an encounter between a subject and a camera. He has covered the Lebanese revolution, does extensive street photography and is currently working on a series on public spaces in Beirut. “I love capturing faces, especially someone’s eyes. I always wait for the right facial expression, a specific moment in someone’s soul, like capturing someone’s thoughts and freezing them in time”.