Tarek Haddad is a Lebanese photographer based between Arles and Beirut. His work focuses primarily on the relationship between humans and their environment on both individual and collective scales, with a particular interest for the natural constructs which form the overlap between the two entities. His approach to photography finds its grounds in the balance between complementary opposites; the pragmatic and the poetic, the structured and the intuitive, the logical and the emotional. His work has been exhibited in Lebanon, Switzerland, Spain and France.

In 2019, he formed a duo with Laetitia Hakim. Their joint practice is based on complementarity, duality, playfulness, and materiality. Their work stems from an ongoing conversation revolving around the actuality that marks them and the spaces they interact with and inhabit. It consists of stepping back, reflecting, and then responding to the events in question.

Since 2020, He is also part of Collectif 1200, a Lebanese photography collective.